Doland School Philosophy

The school seeks to develop fundamental skills, and encourages students to use these as building blocks for their future.  It is the goal of the Doland Public School to meet individual needs by offering college preparatory courses, vocational courses and technical courses.  The major responsibility of the school is to enrich the students' intellectual growth by providing the environment and climate for learning.

Each student should be treated as a unique individual with his/her own capabilities and background.  We shall strive to guide the individual in the development of personal interests, values, potential, and self-worth.

The role of the teacher is important in stimulating the individual to achievement and personal growth.  The personality, skills, and abilities of the classroom teacher are vital to the educational program.

The process of education is shared by the cooperation of the parents, school, community, church, and the student, in order to develop acceptable standards of social and moral behavior.  In accomplishing these goals, it is our intentions to equip students to become self-supporting and productive members of society


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